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Lavender plantation

On one of the six hectare fields that we’ve acquired, we are now planting lavender.

From 2008 on, we have been able to purchase different land parcels on the outskirts of Cahul. At the moment, our plot of land is six hectares large. In the spring of 2017, one hectare was planted with lavender. Elderly people, who were fed in the canteen, supported us during the planting period. Unfortunately, not all of the lavender plants survived the winter time. Thus, we
will have to retighten seedlings and plant those.

Lavender is commonly referred to as a very resistant plant with little need of water and which, as a result, is normally hardy.

Lavender can be harvested for the first time three years after planting. The lavender flowers provide us with lavender oil and lavender water. Both are sought after and thus well-paid for in the pharmacy and cosmetics industries. The yield from our lavender plantation is intended to support the maintenance of the rest home. The goal for this is so that Moldovans will have the means to earn money themselves and thus will no longer depend on foreign funds. This would also benefit the financial stability of the project.

If the harvest and sale of the first hectare prove to be effective, the remaining hectares may be planted with crops.