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Home Care

Since October of 2014, patients with chronic diseases from Cahul and the surrounding areas are being cared for at home by specialized caregivers.

The need amongst elderly persons in Moldova is immense. Many are poor, ill or lonely. Their children often work abroad since local work opportunities are lacking. If an elderly person falls down and fractures their femoral neck, they would more often than not spend the rest of their life in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, operative care is impossible in most cases. Just as precarious are the circumstances for people suffering from strokes: High-quality acute care (Stroke Units) isn’t available in western Europe. People often become bedridden and die far too young.

Specialized home caregivers are highly valued by their clients and are viewed by them as “warm sunbeams”.

A Swiss training team (von Licht im Osten) has organized further training sessions in Cahul in the field of home care. The participants, some of whom travelled from afar to participate, greatly appreciated the content. Our aim is to make this home care service accessible for more ill and disabled people in the region.